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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Witney & Abingdon, Oxfordshire

'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you'. Maya Angelou
There are times when we all find that life is not easy. We may be struggling to manage things alone; facing a period of high stress, challenge or uncertainty; experiencing difficulty in a relationship; or we may be feeling stuck and uncertain about our way forward. Sometimes we realise that there are patterns of behaviours and difficult emotions which we would like to change, but we are unsure how to do this. In any of these, you are not alone. Through my eighteen years of practising, my own personal experience and continued development in the fields of neuroscience, psychotherapy and counselling, I feel it is clear that therapy is an effective treatment for a wide range of issues.

I am a UKCP registered attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist based near Oxford. I provide psychotherapy and counselling to individuals, couples and young people from a relational perspective. I offer short and long term psychotherapy and counselling in both Abingdon and Witney.

Working from consulting rooms conveniently located in both West and South Oxfordshire, I offer a safe space for us to explore and understand together whatever challenges and difficulties you are experiencing in your life. The exploration also involves working towards overcoming individual challenges, and facilitating the development of new ways of being and achieving your life goals.

I practice Counselling in both Abingdon and Witney. Counselling is a form of talking therapy which aims to provide you with a supportive space in which to explore and understand complicated feelings and unhelpful patterns of thinking and/or behaving. Counselling can be helpful for a variety of struggles such dealing with life transitions, relationship problems, difficult life events and some mental health problems. Some young people who are transitioning into and out of student life in Oxford find that a psychotherapist can be of particular help. I also offer relationship counselling to couples

I practice Psychotherapy in Witney and Abingdon. Psychotherapy work is often more in-depth than counselling as it seeks to understand the underpinnings of current thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviours which are of concern to clients. Psychotherapy can be extremely helpful in supporting change, and for many mental health conditions such as trauma (childhood and adult), identity struggles, low self esteem, anxiety, PTSD and depression.

Following the easing of Covid19 restrictions, I am now offering both in person sessions and sessions online.

It is usual to wonder if a therapist can meet your particular needs and circumstances. You may need a psychotherapist near Oxford, some counselling in Abingdon or psychotherapy in Witney-whatever your situation do feel free to get in touch. I work from two practice locations; one in central Abingdon and the other in central Witney. As such, I am a psychotherapist within easy reach of Oxford, Didcot, Witney, Abingdon and the surrounding villages. The practice in Abingdon is situated near to number of public transport links and has ample free parking. It is also wheelchair accessible. My Witney practice is located centrally and, as such, it has many convenient transport links and plenty of free parking nearby. Both practices offer a quite, confidential space in which we can think together about your current needs.

Please explore the website which will help you find out more about Witney and Abingdon counselling and psychotherapy with me and how I work. I hope you find these pages helpful. If, after reading these pages, you would like to arrange an initial consultation, or you simply have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

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